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Are you looking to get a new pool for your home or commercial location? If so, Perfectly Clear pools has been working on new pool construction for over 10 years in the Coachella Valley.



What to expect when building a pool?

The steps for building a new pool are many, from Design, to approval to layout, all these options offer just the beginning of the project. Once the building is ready to go, we must excavate the building site, setup the beginning construction needs such as rebar layout, plumbing, electrical and gunite. Now the Decking, and tile and pool equipment are installed.

You can really see your pool coming to life at this point.

Finalizing the pool is completing the pool surface (whether it is plaster or pebble). Now we are ready to fill the pool and get the start up of the pool equipment and water conditioning.

From start to finish, Perfectly Clear Pools is ready to build your new pool.