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Swimming pools that are beginning to show their age, and are loosing their luster, may need to have a renovation to bring the “Pizazz” back in there appearance. If your pool or spa is now in this category, it may need a simple facelift, or a lot more, depending on your imagination. At perfectly clear pools, we offer pool and spa renovation services that will bring your pool renovation imagination to life.



Here are a few renovation options to consider:

  • Pool Resurfacing -?this can be a way to use your renovation budget to improve the look of your pool, while also replacing the surface that can be worn over time. An update to? the surface of your pool can give it a more modern look
  • Waterline Tile?-?Updating the tile at your waterline can increase the beauty?tremendously. Combined with a deck and/or resurfacing, you could be looking at what appears to be a?completely new pool.
  • Water Features?-?Waterfalls and sprayers are fairly easy to add?into an existing pool design.
  • Energy Efficient Equipment -?If practicality is your foremost thought, there are new features and equipment designed to be less expensive to operate your pool. The first is a variable speed pool pump, it uses less electricity and may qualify you for a rebate in your area. Other options include energy efficient filters, and solar power options.
  • Automation Systems -?With pool technology continually evolving, there are new pieces of equipment that can be retrofitted to older pools. Automated pool systems, which can be controlled by computer and or mobile device are at the top of the list, robotic cleaners, and automatic pool covers.
  • Lighting?-?Change out your old lighting for new energy efficient LED lighting. Put color?into your pool at night, or have the lights change with multi color LED Lighting.